Disco Voador visto em Rio Grande

Um objeto voador não identificado foi observado na madrugada de 11/01/1979, entre duas e quatro horas, sobre o
trevo da estrada Rio Grande-Cassino.



  • 11/01/1979 - Rio Grande- RS


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    An unidentified flying object was observed in the early hours of 11/01/1979, between 02:00 and 04:00, on the Rio Grande-Cassino highway. One of the people watching the object, mr. Luiz Mazorco, owner of the Association of Trade Employees' Cup, said that he left the Association headquarters at around 2:00 in the morning, with mr. Farydo Rafael. When he was at the corner of Rua Duque de Caxias and General Camera Street, he noticed a bright light in the sky, toward the clover.

    He went there, checking that the object was still in the air, on the clover. According to mr. Luiz Mazorco, the object was very bright and about 25 times larger than a star, with lights increasing and decreasing, sometimes disappearing, only a small glare. Next to the clover was mr. Tonico, practical from Barra, who said that the strange object had been in that position for a while.

    Right next leaving the car, the object made some evolutions taking the direction of Cotrijui. Mr. Luiz Mazorco and mr. Farydo Rafael then went to the Barra road, stopping between Cotrijui and the meat terminal in an attempt to better observe the object, but on arriving there they found that the light was gone. At 03:30 AM they returned to the city and next at the bridge of the French, they saw the object again. They stopped the car and watched him for about ten minutes, then gave up and returned to the city.

    After leaving mr. Farydo Rafael in his residence, mr. Luiz Mazorco went through the police station and commented about the fact with three policemen who were there, saying that the object might still be making evolutions about the city.

    Said Mr. Luiz Mazorco that there was no possibility of distinguishing the size or shape of the object, adding that they had, however, discarded the hypothesis that it was a falling star, a satellite or an airplane. Also, that when moving of the clover towards Cotrijui, the object developed a very high speed. Referring to the fact that the light diminished in intensity, he said that this could have been caused by some cloud, but pointed out that at the time of the clover there were no clouds and that the sky was starry.

    The light emitted by the object, according to sr. Luiz Mazorco, resembled the light of the headlights of a car, at some distance.


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